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Local Councils: Innovative Strategies for Multicultural Communication and Engagement

Tuesday 24th October 2pm (AEDT) / 11am (AWST) 

Join us on Tuesday 24th October at 2pm AEDT / 11am AWST for an illuminating, one-hour webinar crafted specifically for professionals working in communications and community engagement roles within local councils. This webinar will provide you with practical tools and cutting-edge strategies to engage effectively with multicultural communities.   

This event is free to attend.

Our keynote speakers, Costa Vasili, Founder and CEO of Ethnolink and Rachael Coulthard, Head of Multicultural Communications, will equip you with essential skills and insights needed to foster meaningful connections with diverse multicultural communities, ensuring your communications are not only inclusive but also impactful.

Designed specifically for government and communication professionals, this webinar will share:

  • Practical and actionable tactics to improve your engagement with residents from migrant and refugee backgrounds: Understand the nuances of engaging with various communities and learn how to effectively reach them.
  • Case studies from other local councils: Gain insights into successful strategies and approaches that have worked for other local councils.
  • Low-budget ideas to get bang for your buck engagement: Discover how to maximise your outreach efforts without breaking the bank.
  • Quick and easy wins that can be implemented in 30-90 days: Learn about simple yet impactful strategies that can provide immediate improvements in communication and engagement.

To conclude the session, we will have a 15-minute Q&A segment, allowing you the opportunity to engage directly with our experienced hosts and ask any pressing questions.

Don't miss out on this valuable opportunity to glean firsthand insights from industry leaders. Learn how to enhance both the effectiveness and reach of your multicultural communications and community engagement initiatives.

Register today and take a confident step forward in serving your diverse community.

Our speakers

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Costa Vasili 

Costa Vasili is the founder and CEO of Ethnolink with 10+ years of experience in Australian language services and an established thought leader on multicultural communications strategies. 

He advises clients on multicultural communications strategy and ways in which organisations can better communicate with culturally diverse audiences.


Rachael Coulthard

Rachael is responsible for tailoring strategic
multicultural solutions to be needs of her clients,
ensuring that the cultural and linguistic needs of
target communities are considered and met.

With a Masters of Interpreting and Translation, Rachael also achieved NAATI Certification in French to English translation.


Book your spot for Tuesday 24th October, 2 PM (AEDT) / 11 AM (AWST).

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*All registrants will receive a direct link to the webinar recording on
Ethnolink Education after the session.